Websites That Work

Clean, professional & easy to navigate.

Professional Webdesign


Custom, professional web design to make your website stand apart from the others.

Professional layout, design & appearance, easy to navigate, highly engaging so that you get more business inquiries.


For those who not only want a great website but also one that will bring in business.

With SEO, more people view your website and more viewers equals more business.


Our websites are updated regularly so that they stay strong against malware.

Internet technology is evolving daily and it is important update all website software.


Websites go down every day and we are prepared for it.

Your website is backed-up regularly and we store backups in a safe, secure off-site location.  Best of all, restoring your website is free!


Mobile Friendly Websites


Websites that look great on all screen sizes

50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices.
Websites that are NOT mobile friendly have a 90% bounce rate*.Bounce rate is the percentage of people who land on a page and then leave without looking at any other pages. A website with a high bounce rate costs money because people who would be customers are going to other websites.

Webdesign Services


Logo Design

Need a logo?  We’ll take care of that for you.  A professional logo on your website helps set you apart from your competition. We will create a logo for you based on your input  and preferences.


Content Writing

We’ll write all about your products and services based on conversations with you and using any existing content.  From headlines, short blurbs, a couple paragraphs to full-page articles, we have it covered.

Image Enhancement

We can use pictures you have and crop, resize, edit them and more to optimize the professional appearance of your website. Color enhancement, cropping of people or objects, removing backgrounds and more.

Types of Websites

All designed solely by Barking Bird Media

Coaching website

Insurance website

E-commerce website

Medical website

University Dept. website

Developer website

Daycare website

Painter website

Plumber website

Retail & Ecommerce website

Service website

Retail website

Cups of Coffee

Websites Made

States Served

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