Hi Kimberly,

I created this page for you to make it easier to send me pictures for your website.  Simply click on the link below to upload pictures.  They will be sent to my Dropbox account.  Feel free to send as many as you want – the more the better!  I will go through them and select the best ones for the website.




With this picture, I enhanced the colors a bit and then blurred the background which I found to be distracting, especially the wording in the sign on the wall. This way, the attention of the viewer is drawn to the cake, (which looks spectacular) and the color enhancement makes the cake kind of stand out and make the viewer more likely to say “Wow!” In the webdesign world, we call this making it “pop.” More pop in a website makes it more engaging and the more engaging a website is, the more likely the viewer is to call/contact you. And that what a business website is all about.