wordpress logoAt Barking Bird Media, we exclusively use WordPress to build our websites. WordPress is one of the most popular web-building platforms out there right now, for several reasons. First, it is very popular with clients because with a little bit of training they can go into their website and make changes, add a page, delete a page and update their blog. No longer do they have to wait a few days for their webmaster to get around to doing requested changes. Also, it is highly flexible, allowing for an infinite number of designs and enhancements.

WordPress also is highly optimized for the search engines (SEO), which is important for clients who want to rank higher on search engine results. Matt Cutts, also known as the “face of Google” endorses Google, saying that WordPress takes care of 80-90% of the mechanics of SEO. As a result, WordPress websites automatically rank higher in search engine results than traditional websites.

I only design WordPress websites. There are a few reasons for this. One is because of something Matt Cutts, the face of Google, said not too long ago. He said, “Google loves WordPress!” One reason for this is that WordPress is highly optimized for search engines, which means that WordPress websites essentially automatically rank higher than traditional websites. Obviously, some work has to be done to help facilitate this. Keywords, meta tags, fresh, relevant content, and quality in-bound links are all important to help rank higher in the Google rankings